Sun headlines, Section A…

Top B.C. Anglican won’t heed same sex rebuke

New law aims to force drunks off the road

Woman pregnant after twin’s ovary transplanted

see Transplant A2

Fertility drugs may cut breast cancer risk

Brothers plead guilty in tainted-water case

Universities planning to rank programs

Parties force vote on missile plan

Oscar Wilde letters, photos to be sold

Extra flu vaccine could go to U.S.

Broadcaster quits over “ghetto” remark

U.S. astronauts to vote from space station

Charting what’s “hip”, what’s not in English

Sun readers suffer from news burnout

Mystery marriage left “bride” baffled

Americans showed how to hold a civilized debate

Sun readers prove to be news savvy

see Story A12

An example of making a list poem, by copying down each headline in the A section of the local newspaper as encountered in sequence.  I also like lists and particularly enjoy finding abandoned lists at the grocery store – like the individuality of the handwritten characteristics of these, of the underlinings, crossings out, the emphases… fun stuff?  🙂

One Response to “Sun headlines, Section A…”

  1. Deborah Barlow Says:

    The juxtapositions of this poetic approach are usually very surprising and fresh. One of William Stafford’s poems, “Things I Learned Last Week” uses a similar approach and couples these two images:

    Ants, when they meet each other,
    usually pass on the right.

    Sometimes you can open a sticky
    door with your elbow.

    I especially like your line, “Mystery marriage left ‘bride’ baffled.”

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