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Poetry Bash…

June 8, 2012

April is National Poetry Month here. Ama, a colleague who is passionate about poetry and ideas organized a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant, and afterwards a group reading at her house. I had arranged for a young friend to spend the day and overnight with me to connect him with this activity and group of fine friends.  I have known Jari since he was three years old. Now he is a thoughtful young man of 23 and is immersing himself in the world of stand-up comedy. He is well aware that concision and well thought out palaver relating to life situationsof comedic construction  is somewhat similar to processes of poetry. Or , so goes my perhaps faulty consideration.  You may wish to weigh in with your opinions as to whether or not this thought of mine may or may not hold any merit.

It was a compleat pleasure for me to be instrumental in connecting Jary with other sensitive and sensible individuals at the poetry bash. Also to provide him the opportunity to practice his skills in front of a possibly responsive audience. As a young man with a disability, the spectrum of which comprises Asperger’s, chronic depression and anxiety, some of life’s possibilities may be difficult for him to negotiate. In spite of his difficulties, he is forging ahead and immersing himself in a discipline where he feels, if he achieves a modicum of success, he will be able to advocate on behalf of others who have similar  disabilities.

Jari’s performance made my day and evening!  He made useful connections with actor director/ poet writers, educators at a local university and other creative, committed types. I feel myself blessed to count this young soul as one of my valued companions on my life’s journey. And, I bless his mother for her intelligent parenting and nurturing of this terrific young man.