Much like one deliberately walking into a river, basking, striving, and being caught up in an eddy which became an uncontrollable torrent and caught one up in its terrible embrace only to regain temporary footing from time to time, I have finally made it to shore and breathless, wet and exhausted I sit drying out, gathering strength to resume my way onto a journey with still unknown unfolding experiences.

You see, I have severed my marriage with Rumpole, have subdivided our assets we had amassed over 35 years of journeying together. I have cast off a great learned helplessness and have once again begun to take responsibility for my own contentment. Hard going some days, but not without its compensations. Alone, yes, but not as lonely as I was in our marriage.

So, I am embarking on my solo flight as an older woman. What lies ahead will be an adventure!

7 Responses to “Surfacing…”

  1. Deborah Barlow Says:

    I am overwhelmed by the depth of the dive you have just emerged from. Your voice and strength astound me. I am ready to now join along as you start that new walk with new soles on your shoes. I’m alongside my friend.

  2. QuoinMonkey Says:

    So much going on for you, I think Deborah said it well. The depth of the dive. I am happy to hear from you, and to see where your new journey takes you. Welcome back.

  3. Enrique Says:

    It’s never too late to find happiness. I wish you the best luck. We are all on the same road.

  4. Trisha Scott Says:

    I finally made my back through your posts to this place. “Alone, yes, but not as lonely as I was in our marriage.” I have had the very same experience, though I only stayed in that alone place within a marriage for 12 years. I know how hard it can be, though, to save your own life. It looks like now you have had a couple of years to sort things. I’m happy for you.

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