The Yenta strikes again…

Pssst… don’t tell anybody, but, Hungarian Yenta is about to strike again.
Yes, busybody me has set the scene and invited Our Lady of Perpetual Crisis, a single matron of 51, and Rob, a single man of 61, to a Hungarian repast the object of which is to introduce these two chronically single souls to each other. Rumpole, good natured as he is, is merely groaning and rolling his eyes at the prospect of such a dinner, which might be a disaster. However I placated him with promise of a Schnitzel, roasted cabbage, roasted potatoes, pickled beets and shrimp salad menu.
A bit earlier, when I was pounding the daylights out of pork cutlets with my trusty metal tenderizer, he wandered through the kitchen and accused me of overkill. He did stop to smell the roasting cabbage and announced it smelling delicious. Odd, though, he didn’t mention that cabbage might be too flatulence-inducing to be appropriate for a match-making dinner. Did I err, in selecting cabbage as an accompaniment to schnitzel? I mean, we are all adults who are going to sup together, and what better way to break the ice than a few choice farts wafting from under the regions of the dining room table.
Poor Jessica may, however, be overcome by the compendium of olfactory effects, hanging around under the dining room table as is her wont during meals.
Our Lady of Perpetual Crisis expressed some concerns about the timing of this dinner. She is after all coming off day-shift this afternoon and is concerned with presenting herself as buffed up and pretty. Will she have time to adequately prepare herself for meeting Rob? And is he not slightly too old for her.
Nah, I told her. She is perfectly presentable as long as she is not wearing her uniform. Just comb your hair, I suggested. And, don’t wear your Red Door perfume – it’s likely to make us all pass out from sheer delight, and excess. (She does tend to douse herself in the stuff!) And, no. He is not too old. Just think, if things go well between you two and you hit it off, then you’ll have a chance to use your nursing skills on him in the not too distant future, I reminded her. This seemed to reassure her a little. She, after all, loves what she does for the living. And oddly, she seems to attract special needs men of the paraplegic sort, and I hastened to remind her that Rob has full use of all his limbs, and can do stuff, even – like walk and run, for extended periods, fix things, and think with all his perceptual faculties intact. He’s a real catch! Why? Because Hungarian Yenta has expressed that opinion, and is not to be questioned about things pertaining to romance between the two major sexes.
Well, things will turn out as they will. No point in second-guessing, no time for doubt. I just hope both Rob and Our Lady of Perpetual Crisis don’t rebel and act out. And I hope the Schnitzel doesn’t burn.
A perpetually hopeful, and busy-bodyish Hungarian Yenta, who keeps score, needs another win in the Romance Sweepstakes.
Wish me luck?

8 Responses to “The Yenta strikes again…”

  1. The Querulous Squirrel Says:

    Oh, this is a good one. Can’t wait to read the next episode.

  2. galloway Says:

    Hi, glad you’re still writing. The last time we ‘spoke’ you were recovering from eye surgery. I trust it went well?
    Anyway, just wanted you to know I remember you and value our contact.
    Take care.

  3. suburbanlife Says:

    O Querulous Squirrel – am still trying to figure out how to delicately broash a sensitive verbal rendering of what turne out to be a most interesting evening. am still in shock! G

    Don – checked out your blog site and find no entries since 2007. I hope you have kept up writing, and that your publishing plans turned out well for you. In good spirits and health here. Hope you are also well. G

  4. dowhatyoulove Says:

    Great story, you write so well, it makes me feel like I know everyone. I look forward to hearing how the evening went, especially because it was an interesting one! Keep up the great writing!

  5. canadada Says:

    …. ah ain’t nothing like love in the oven … (or on the stove top.) Good food is always conducive to OTHER THINGS … keep us posted.

    Nice stories of a good match are always refreshing & satisfying.

    p.s. Responded to your comment on me blog, take a gander.

  6. ybonesy Says:

    This had me chuckling out loud, especially the thought of flatulence-inducing cabbage and poor Jessica breathing in the fumes under the table. And since you have left the comment saying that it was an amazing evening, I am now left wanting an update. Please do divulge the rest of the story soon!!

    Have missed you, btw, and also am so happy to have a few posts to catch up on since my last visit.

  7. suburbanlife Says:

    dowhatyoulove -thanks for the visit and your comment. I’ll post about the result, am just working up the guts to. G

    canadada – well one always hopes for mutual attraction. In this instance? I’ll tell you about it next. G

    ybonesy – amazing evenings can be amazing good and amazing bad. This Yenta business is fraught with peril. We could have used some choice farts this evening! G

  8. Marsha Says:

    You could placate me with roasted cabbage, roasted potatoes, pickled beets and shrimp salad menu. You are so funny sometimes!

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