New lens through which to view life in suburbia…

Last Friday, Dr. Seemore carved into my left eye, for what I am hoping is the LAST time, and stitched in a brand new hard lens. I insisted that the radio be turned off during the operation, so no Barry Manilow crooning would ruin the clinical atmosphere. Unless of course, a station with Mozart could be found, which was more acceptable to yours truly. Dr. Seemore rolled his eyes above the surgical mask and ordered the radio turned down.

Recovery is a boring process. No bending down, no gardening, little spurts of reading, lying on one side or the other but not on the back and lots of resting. On the positive side, the days’ heat has been tolerable and the birds have kept up chatter throughout the long wait. This morning, as Jessica and I were taking the early morning vapours outside, we stood still and silent as we watched and listened to a family of crows engaged in instructing fledglings to fly from Lookingforbeauty’s lovely old maple tree next door. Much raucous exhorting of the young crows by their elders to dare take the leap to flying freedom, to coast onto the nearby lawn and then to return to the lower branches of the tree. Much birdish mutterings and complaints from the fledglings, who were more content to hop from branch to branch rather than attempt to take flight. Jessica stood absolutely still under the tree, looking upward in amazement. On any other occasion she would break into fierce barking, but not today. She knows better than to interrupt lessons. Smart dog. And, oddly enough, a Scottie who poses and points.

Today, Glasgow Girl and Mousey are coming to take me for a drive across the new Golden Ears Bridge spanning the Fraser River. We will stop in Fort Langley, walk about enjoying the sunshine and eat lunch at one of the many funky little restaurants there.

Hope all of you are enjoying the balmy days of summer.

7 Responses to “New lens through which to view life in suburbia…”

  1. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You are right! The majority of recovery is boring! But it hasn’t diminished your wonderful writing skills, now has it! 🙂

    This too shall pass. You are a strong woman with lovely friends and lots of people who love you-even here in cyber space!

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    Marsha – surely you know of the boredom of which i write, having been disabled yourself for some time this year. I trust you are now all healed and enjoying summer activities with your husband whenever you can. Life’s pretty good, for me right now. And i am hopeful. G

  3. tysdaddy Says:

    Sorry your recovery has been so taxing. But enjoying watching birds learn to fly . . . it doesn’t get much better than that!

  4. Nita Says:

    Well, summer in Mumbai has been hot and humid. I can’t imagine people in Canada feeling warm!
    And I too hope this is the last time for the eye! Get well soon.

  5. suburbanlife Says:

    Brian – you are so right – there are lovely daily compensations for this tedious process. Thanks for your visit. G

    Nita – Surely our scorching days cannot compare to the heat and humisity of Mumbai. We’ve had a few days in the upper 20s and that does tend to get toasty for us at these Northern latitudes. I do hope you are well amd enjoying your summer. Thanks for dropping by. G

  6. Christine Says:

    I’m glad your eye is on the mend, and that your friends and family are taking you on an outing. Summer is a beautiful time to heal.

  7. suburbanlife Says:

    Christine – i am beginning to see better with the left eye. keeping my fingers crossed and am behaving myself and doing as instructed by the Doc. G

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