Going to the dogs…

This past month has been health month for Jessica, our, Scottie, and me, both. I have undergone numerous tests for a heart blockage and for measurement for a new lens for my left eye. Jessica had to have some dental cleaning done and some blood tests to determine her overall health, after all, she is a ten year old, but vigorous, Scot. She welcomes visits to the vet’s – there are cookies there, and plenty of admirers to compliment her on her greying black sleek body, her shiny black eyes and her remarkably loving temperament.

Now that she is through with the trials of teeth cleaning and ear-hair plucking, she is feisty and energetic as is appropriate for any being in the new Spring-time. Last week she also went to the groomers and recieved her spring clip, which always make her have a little vanity induced sprightliness. She seems to feel, as I do, the same insouciant joyfullness whenever she is freshly groomed. Yesterday, I too went to have my spring hair-cut, so we both prance about the house and yard like a couple of ageing divas. Rumpole is amused with our new-found flirtatious gadding about. Spring has sprung at the Stepford household.
Meanwhile, the yard has also gone to the dogs, so to speak. Our fences are falling down and no longer will stand up when propped into proper position. Time to bite the bullet and have new fences installed. According to all the local wags, “good fences make good neighbours”, so I have to beard Lookingforbeauty, next door, to agree ro a simple and effective separation of our two plots of suburbia. She wants, it seems, a new re-reiteration of our old fence – with no embellishments such as latticework, which she deems as trifle fussy, and frankly so do I.

On the other side of the property, Gary and Laurie seem also to want a repeat of the six-foot fence that separates our back yard from theirs. My own idea is to lower the fence to four feet there, so we can get more afternoon sun for my planned vegetable garden. Next Saturday, our garden Guru, Matthew, is coming by to break turf on the back yard and rototill the manure and compost for the planned vegetable beds. I have wonderful visions of Swiss Chard, rhubarb, beets and beet greens, pole beans and herbs to start out my little gardening effort. Also maybe some yellow Hungarian peppers.

Since Jessica is almost a vegeratian, I will also have to plant zucchini, as she really likes to chow down on smallish zucchinis. (She always raids my weekly vegetable sack and extracts any zucchini in it as her treat.) Any garden plan has to take into consideration the eating habits of any dog which might currently be living with us. It may be that turnips should be on the to-grow list, as Jessica is wild about chomping turnips, as well.

I figure I have two good months of establishing a little veggie plot before my late June eye-operation, which will prevent me from mucking about in the soil. Our Lady of Perpetual Crisis is going to have some growing space here for herself, in exchange for weeding in July and August, while I recuperate from the operation. We should be able to share in any growing bounty at harvest time, and then plan to increase the size and scope of the veggie garden next year.

10 Responses to “Going to the dogs…”

  1. Deborah Barlow Says:

    This vignette touched me. Thank you for another peak into your complex world.

  2. The Querulous Squirrel Says:

    I loved this post, though sad about your medical problems and upcoming surgery. I have never heard of a zucchini-loving pooch. That is very funny.

  3. tysdaddy Says:

    Can I come sit in your garden? It sounds lovely . . .

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    My pooch is 12 and has some bad arthritis. He is such a good friend-never complains, never judgmental, never wants to be without me, and when I am upset he senses it and puts his head on my lap. Dogs are such gifts.

    I’ll be praying for your eye surgery!

  5. suburbanlife Says:

    Deborah – thank you. Your comments are always kind and warm. G

    The Querulous Squirrel – It looks like I won’t be having the surgery as anticipated as a heck of a flu has felled me, yet again. Later…
    Actually, Jessica is a pig in terrier clothing. Talk abour voracious, always acting like she is being starved – to the point where no vegetable is safe from her. And she is a con artist of the highest caliber – always seeking to fool one or the other of us to slip her some sustenance. She is really a delightful dog, and quite a character in many ways. But we have to have her on a constant diet, as she is prone to obesity. Short legs, tubby body and cute deep brown eyes – hard combination to resist, though we must. G

    Brian – you are welcome anytime. bring the brood! G

    Marsha – has pooch learned to peel carrots for you yet? And how is the arm healing? Having your dog must make your recovery lighter. Dogs do so much lift our spirits with their trusting presence and idiosyncratic behaviour. Gotta love them! Sending you a hug. G

  6. christine Says:

    I saw some licorice candies in the shape of scotties and thought of you, G. She sounds like a great companion. I love the thought of you two preening and dancing in the living room.

    Best wishes to you with the garden, and with the eye procedure. I’ll stay tuned for updates. Your cheerful tone always warms me.

  7. lookingforbeauty Says:

    My friend’s Rottweiler was completely vegetarian and ate carrots instead of bones! I thought it was rather odd at the time, but I’m discovering more and more that dogs enjoy vegetables.
    Nice post.

  8. ybonesy Says:

    Ah, fences. Gaining agreement from the neighbors does seem at times challenging, especially if a change is in the offing. We need to put up a fence, too, and we’ve been putting it off for the expense. But we really ought to do it this summer. It’s been something we’ve wanted to do since moving in.

    You and Jessica sound so ready for spring. Aging divas. Ha!

  9. suburbanlife Says:

    Christine – I never developed a taste for licorice, but if licorice Scotties were available i’d buy them and then let them petrify into artifacts which might be nice to pick up and admire. But Jessica might really snaffle them up first – she has odd appetites. Now Gummie Scotties – Yummm!
    She is rather a fun character; delights in play and chase games. Thanks for visiting, again. G

    Lookingforbeauty – Thanks! I realize Jessica has been eyeing the breach in our fence line. It will be good to have that renewed, as she seems to be considering some of your tender garden plantings as possible samples for her voracious taste experiments. I’d hate to see her sneak across to your place and behead your hard won Siberian Irises. Your garden will soon be safe. G

    Ybonesy – our neighbours are fabulous. We are most fortunate in living here in Pleasantville. Very civilized and pleasant people live here. But you know suburbia. fences are de rigeur, as are lawns, scalped shrubbery and dogs that stay on their side of the fence to poop.
    And, well, yes, ageing females are so allowed to flounce about in springtime. May not look so comely an act as in the young, but hey, it is spring, so much may be forgiven? G

  10. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    By the way, my husband just had to put new gates on our 50 year old fence. I could have blown the old ones down with one small breath! He’s never done
    anything like that, but did a good job and his hourly wage was perfect. 🙂
    Heart tests good I hope!

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