September 1st…

Lone chick-a-dee calls

on a September morning’s

feeble beginning.

7 Responses to “September 1st…”

  1. Paul Says:

    It astonishes me how thoughtful this poem makes me.

  2. ybonesy Says:

    May be the combination of holiday and first of month, but the day was a feeble one in my eyes, too. Ah, so glad that we’re almost to the 3rd. The month gathers steam.

  3. MadSilence Says:

    The cheerful & gregarious Black-capped Chickadee a loner?
    My wife & I spent a couple of hours on September 1st in our backyard watching the aerial ballet of Chickadee, Blue Jay, Tufted Titmouse, Sparrow, and Northern Woodpecker…
    A promising beginning…

  4. suburbanlife Says:

    Paul – the lessening of bird sounds around here right now is quite noticeable. Makes me feel regretful, momentarily that fall is here. G

    ybonesy – yes, time passes, so fast, it seems. Now I’m waiting for the small flocks of migrating birds to group and regroup in the tall cedars across the street from our house. Then, they make glorious cacophony, and then move southward. G

    MadSilence. thanks for your visit. No kidding, as I sat, I heard only the lone voice of one chick-a-dee, not the usual gossip they make in groups, and off calling and responding. The Blue Jays that live near us are scolding less when they visit, or when our dog barks at them. it is getting noticeably colder. Birds are probably conserving energy now. G

  5. christine Says:

    I admire anyone who knows bird calls, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that you would be one of them, G.

    sorry I haven’t been by in a while. My friend Jo Hemmant and I are starting a new poetry and art journal. We have a temporary blog, and are in the process of building a web site. Very hard for me, I’m no techie.

    Here’s the link to our blog, in case you’re interested:

    I’ll be by to read more of your tales tomorrow.

  6. rick mobbs Says:

    I refreshed my memory of the song here

    Two links may not get through but I’ll try another. This is the cascading song of the canyon wren we would hear in the Arizona canyons.

  7. Deborah Barlow Says:

    Yes, G, yes.

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