Six Word Bio…

Lose, find, listen, hear, consider, share.

Christine at  has tagged me for this meme.

I tag:

Deborah Barlow at  – she is one to always deal with essence, and i am curious to know how she describes hers.

D at – he is a master of getting to the point.

Lookingforbeauty at – a subtle soul, and I am curious to see how she describes herself.

Canadada at – a good writer who needs to be known.

Rocky at – a fine mind, great find and wonderful painter and writer.


These five people are bloggers who have so much of great value to share. There are so many others – iinvite you to tag them to enrich us all.

8 Responses to “Six Word Bio…”

  1. mariacristina Says:

    I love this bio, G. Each verb evokes a world of experiences. I just knew you’d find a way to do it. I was curious as to what you’d come up with because of all the many and varied stories you tell. This one is a poem.

  2. writer reading Says:

    All the sibilant sounds and the internal rhyme, a poem for sure.

  3. Deborah Barlow Says:

    G, I love yours. I’ll take your challenge, but I need some time…Thanks for including me.

  4. angrymob Says:

    Rather than cheat with contractions, I will sin and use seven: I have not yet begun to fight.

  5. Deborah Barlow Says:

    OK G, this has felt right for 2 days: DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

  6. suburbanlife Says:

    Christine and G(writer reading) – any similarity to poetry is unintentional. This just felt correct now. G

    angrymob – if you had left out the ‘I’ it would have been implied. But who said the rule was rigid and had to be adhered to? G

    Deborah – Wow! That is very firm. I suspected you to have strong will. G

  7. canadada Says:

    Thank you for including me in your ‘tag’ … kind words.

    Am I meant to ‘do’ something in response???? I’m not sure how ‘meme’ing works … I tried to look up mariechristine’s blog, but got redirected by wordpress to ‘register’ theblog (!)… don’t know if it’s just ‘at this end’ or there is a techno glitch … or what …

    Like your word sense too.

  8. redneckarts Says:

    Thanks for including me too. Hope you are well. A fine mind, har. Covered with keyloids from the slings and arrows etc. har. Long wet summer here with sudden summer heat in September and the geese flying overhead south in the dark. BAck to the machine and the showrooms… I’ll be reading and I’ll write you a decent letter soon.

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