The changing fabric

Up, ahead

the winds have raked the sky

 with whistling, fine, teeth.

Sooty, combed,

loose weft strands undulate,

and twine distant in soft rows

toward the horizon.


the teased moisture tendrils

against blue zenith transparency,

the new pattern portends

a change

on the warp of the firmament.

GM – on a glorious sunny day, February 13, 2008, that looks about to change; a front is approaching.

a loose wft

10 Responses to “The changing fabric”

  1. Nita Says:

    Whenever I read writing from you, it calms me somehow!

  2. mariacristina Says:

    I’m imagining a woman looking at the sky, her hair whipping around her face. I also see the bare branches of trees, clouds, anything that moves with the wind. Lovely connection of images that guide the reader toward a limitless horizon. The sounds in the poem also mimic the wind, and being outdoors. Great!

  3. James Steerforth Says:

    Striking, beautiful images. Lively, lovely!

  4. suburbanlife Says:

    Nita – what a lovely comment you gave me here! Thank you. G

    Christine – it sure feels like spring these days. I conceived of the sky’s fabric as a large warped loom like an inkle loom which goes on and on, is continuous and changes condition pattern colour texture. I don’t think it quite worked. Well, back to the notebook, I guess. But, thank you for feeling part of what I wanted to impart. G

    James – thank you so much. G

  5. Heather Says:

    I love this:
    “the winds have raked the sky
    with whistling fine teeth…”

    Very very nice! I can see it and feel it – excellent!


  6. Deborah Barlow Says:

    A gift, G. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Enrique Says:

    the winds have raked the sky

    with whistling, fine, teeth…

    You’re a true poet. I’d be interested in reading more.

  8. ybonesy Says:

    I agree, powerful imagery. And so many phrases and words that I loved:

    whistling, fine, teeth.

    Sooty, combed,

    teased moisture tendrils

    …to name a few.

  9. suburbanlife Says:

    Heather – I was thinking of the wind as combing with a wool carder – a carder has very fine teet and separates and aligns wool in parallel form. thanks for your comment! G
    Deborah – consider this poem as a small token for your gift of sharing images of your show at the Geary. I hope you met with great success. G

    Enrique – thanks for your comment. I do enjoy your writerly sensibilities in the same manner. G

    ybonesy – I am trying to make my small moments count for something – I know what i do is not earth-shattering, but it is my way to connnect with other souls. Thank you! G

  10. lookingforbeauty Says:

    It’s always hard to describe the sky in words – almost impossible, but you’ve done it. I had a funny thought of God sitting up there with his white cloud-like wig on his lap, as he carefully combs it, The white long strands and clumps of it fall away and drifting across the sky.

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