The day before the Big Event…

Tomorrow, 26 January, is the reception Rumpole and I, and numerous pals are preparing to allow Renaissance Man’s and Glasgow Girl’s Canadian friends celebrate the formal nuptuals which took place in Scotland last year. None of their Canadian friends  attended the ‘do’ in Scotland, nor did I due to my inordinate fear of flying. Rumpole did go, dressed up in Scottish finery-Hunting Stewart tartan. For the re-enactment here of the wedding, both Rumpole and Renaissance Man will be wearing kilts, while Glasgow Girl will be resplendent in her wedding dress.

Initially, I offered to have a dinner reception for up to 30 people. That number was one with which I felt comfortable in handling the preparations and catering. However, since early planning days the number of guests has swelled to about 70 persons. During the last month hysteria and fear of failure has overtaken me. I have vacillated wildly between “I can do this” to “HELP ME!, please! Whatever possessed me to undertake this reception?” If it weren’t for Martha, Looking for Beauty, Barb and Lucky charging forth to the rescue,  my death by defenestration, hara-kiri or jumping from a bridge beckoned as an attractive option instead of “organizing a reception – and cooking for it”.

Thank God for calm, capable and loving friends! It can’t be easy for them to deal with a ditherer who makes and loses various lists, changes her mind, whines incessantly and has the nerve to attempt to micro-manage experienced hostesses who have come to her rescue. It comes to mind that all of these women buddies are calm, good at problem solving and terrific go-getters. It also comes to mind that they are infinitely patient with someone as volatile as me.

On this past Monday I came down with the horrid flu doing the rounds here and have been generally out of commission since then. Sitting here this morning, after Martha came over and ate her breakfast before going off to pick up the wedding cake and  the vegetables for salad, I am surrounded by mountains of serving dishes, recipe ingredients for my allotted food preparation, mixes for drinks and boxes of wine  bottles and beer cans. Still in my pajamas and housecoat and snuffling into napkins, I have studied, repeatedly, the recipes for various salad dressings. One would think that after 40 years of making salad dressing I’d have some sort of idea of how to go about this. But it is the quantity required that I find hard to wrap my brains around. Plus, I have to do the chopping of garlic and mixing of oils, etc., wearing disposable gloves and dust mask, so I don’t infect the hordes.

Looking for Beauty has a saying she keeps bringing up in order to calm me down. “Just proceed slowly, put one foot in front of the other.” I think I’ll heed her advice. But first I have to disinfect the kitchen.

4 Responses to “The day before the Big Event…”

  1. ybonesy Says:

    Oh my. What an undertaking. I can’t believe you’re doing this with the mask and gloves. Not that I can’t believe that you’re taking precautions — I can. Just that I can’t believe you still have to go through with it. But of course, the show must go on.

    I have a very bad cold, possibly a mild flu. Time will tell. I couldn’t imagine getting up and making Lipton noodle soup for myself, much less a banquet. Best to you!! It sounds like it will be awesome.

  2. Cori Says:

    Ugh, you poor thing, we had the Norwalk virus in this house, a very unpleasant nasty sort of bug. I have bleached every thing from three feet down.

    Hope you are all better now and have a wonderful time. Drink lots of wine.

  3. TIV: the individual voice Says:

    I’m sorry to say this strikes me as very funny. Also that now that seventy people are coming, which would you say is worse, flying or seventy people in your house? And finally, you were getting so worked up of course your immune system collapsed to the flu, which would then keep you from getting too flustered and in the way of all your wonderful friend helpers who probably just adore the chance to organize a big party. Some do. Some don’t.

  4. suburbanlife Says:

    Cori – yech! the Norwalk in a household is a BAD experience – everyone majorly uncomfortable and suffering simultaneously. And then, to have to clean while feeling down -not fair or nice, but you can see it as the first leg of this year’s spring cleaning, I guess. Hope you are all feeling a lot better.
    Our party’s over, and we’re reeling in the aftermath with a lot of stuff to clean and disperse back to their original owners. Today is a pajama and nose-wipe day as I putter at this. Thanks for visiting and your comment. G

    TIV – trust you to weigh in with an incisive comment. 🙂 It is kind of funny, come to think of it. I think my friends were kind of thankful I was too unergetic to intrude into their activities, as I am known and reviled as a “controller”, one with poor organizational skills, which creates a nightmare scenario for whoever has to work with me. At the party, I was kind of like the little “Pap-Jancsy” toy, the kind with a weighted heavy round bottom that spins and sways from side to side when buffeted or poked. Lucky, Martha and Barb left me reeling in their flurry of doings, bless them. Today, I’m left wishing for an out-of-body experience, sore, relieved, but thankful.
    Your comment made me chuckle. Thanks for that! G

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