Guilty pleasures meme…

TIV at  has tagged me in true sand-lot fashion, and  I will try to play the game to the best of my ability. I should be good at this one, as a lapsed Catholic, I have had many unforgettable moments in the confessional, and while guilt carries with it the promise of certain burning pain of incipient punishment, it also proves perversely pleasureable.

Six guilty pleasures no one would suspect me of having

–    I enjoy going to all kinds of church services, despite being assured at an early age that there was only one religion – the Catholic one. Rituals from different faiths yield me similar feelings – this I find amazing as well as reassuring.

–    I enjoy reading mythology

–    The obituary pages have always fascinated me, even when I was young. Beats me why.

–    I love the scent of many people in close quarters. Even the ones who reek of garlic and old socks. Before Rumpole leaves me for the day, I have to take deep snorts of his neck, behind the ear. If I don’t, somehow the day doesn’t progress as it should.

–    it gives me great pleasure to have regular visits with the podiatrist. I like the matter-of-fact way he uses the dremel on my toenails – it tickles!

–    If I could afford it, I’d go three times a week to have my hair washed at the hairdressers. That is such a delicious luxury.

six guilty pleasures I wish I had the courage to indulge

–    to do a weekend marathon of all movies with Peter Sellers in them – I wish I could learn how to talk like Inspector Clouseau and drive my family crazy with the impersonations.

–    I wish I had the nerve to prepare toilet paper out of 6 different types of unexpected materials, install them in the ladies’ toilets at the local art center, plant myself in a cubicle with a tape-recorder and record the reactions of visitors to the particular material they find in their stall, and the kinds of dialogue that would result in asking persons in the next stall to hand under the dividers the material they find themselves provided with – then make an installation, using the tape and types of toilet paper material.

–    I wish I had the nerve to wear only clothing which I feel totally comfortable in, never mind how it looks to others.

–    art books, books of poetry, dictionaries of all types and all the time in the world to read them

–    taking to-do lists and feeling free enough not to have to cross of any item as having been done – If I make lists, have to be compulsive about performance

–    To have a live monkey for a pet – to indulge my lifelong fascination with monkeys

Six pleasures I once considered guilty but have either abandoned or made peace with

–    reading too much, not “doing” mundane chores enough

–    eating too much cheese and pate – my recent cholestrol levels have caused me to abstain – aaargh!

–    wasting time dancing around the house to blaring music – these days I’m too sore to do too much of this

–    Love affair with paper as a material, and the sheer luxury of excess availability of all kinds of paper goods – I’m having a hard time coming to grips with this one

–    luxury underwear, of wonderful material, no longer find essential or even desirable

–    wanting to own art objects of interest, beauty, utility, a huge guilty pleasure – am happy to browse museums and emporiums, just seeing the stuff, don’t need to “own” them

I’m tagging –,  Nicolemarie at, Kay at, Donna at,  D at and Dejan at . I look forward to what these individuals might want to share about their own guilty pleasures, because as I have been taught “confession is good for the soul”, and I must admit to be relieved that I have done my bit here. Whew!

13 Responses to “Guilty pleasures meme…”

  1. mariacristina Says:

    These confession are terrific! I LOVED the one about your sense of smell, and getting a good sniff of Rumpole before he leaves. Also, you have surpassed yourself with the creativity behind all the activities you’d like to do, but don’t have the nerve. Fun stuff.

  2. pmousse Says:

    You seem to be literally a very ‘sensual’ person — enjoying smell, and texture, and taste. You know, I used to wear comfortable and sensible clothing almost exclusively, thinking that something flashier and less practical was a ‘guilty pleasure’… one I’ve come to terms with now.

  3. dreams.corner Says:

    Hello G. In my case guilty pleasure is definitely Italian fashion and running shoes – I tend to spend money on it when I need to spend money on much more important things.

    Same as you, I am fascinated with all world’s religions – difference is that I grew up in a communist country, where religion was not important, so it was my personal search for deeper meaning in life than mere dialectical materialism.

  4. the individual voice Says:

    G: This is an amazing collection of guilty pleasures. I am astounded. “Unforgettable moments in the confessional.” Now I can certainly imagine if I had been raised Catholic I would have had to LIVE in the confessional. Not due to a plethora of sins, but a plethora of guilt. You lucky Catholics. The toilet paper project is so wild I can hardly believe it. Did they give you a psychedelic drug to cope with your eye surgery. That is just hilarious. Oh, and very performance arty or whatever. The smell of people in crowds. All I can think of is how much I always hated the squashed synagogue on Yom Kippur when everyone was fasting and not brushing their teeth and exuded bad breath while I was fearing God was standing up there judging whether we were going to live or die in the next year. So people smells don’t thrill me. That includes unwashed clients in my office. I had a history teacher who loved obituraries because she said it was “history in the making.” My secret about wearing only clothes I’m comfortable in is sticking only to velvet, soft plush corduroy and velour in the winter and rayon and tencel and Indian cotton in the summer. I am extremely particular about my fabrics. Bah, linen! Bah, stiff corduroy or scratchy wool! My criteria for clothing is that, though it must be lovely and flattering, it first must feel like pajamas. Fun post.

  5. the individual voice Says:

    Oh, and I love polar fleece in the winter, too. Only certain kinds. Like L.L. Bean. Just in case you were wondering. And cotton knit underlayers in winter. And for shoes………I think I need a fashion post.

  6. suburbanlife Says:

    Christine – that whole sense of smell thing is so amazing. I know, there have been oodles of studies made on our capacity to operate from scenting, but how we live these days, covering up the reality of a staggering range of smells, really points to how we don’t respond to danger signals based on scent, cosmetically cover up that which actually poses threats or are otherwise negatives to avoid. I learned to sniff people from the animals which have been a part of my life. They are onto something profoundly important whenever they use their noses. And Rumpole does smell delicious, no matter how grubby he gets. Nice! G

    pmousee – sensuality has downsides too. Altho the whole delightful aspect of life – using the senses is such a huge gift. Good for you to have embraced the fun of frivolous clothing – the flash , etc. I have never quite had the nerve and have sunk into old brown bird-dom and that’s okay too. G

    Dejan – running shoes? Gad – going to a sportswear store is like going to buy penny candies – the variety available is overwhelming and some shoes practically run for you, maybe? In the “good old days” you got rubber bottoms, canvas tops, maybe three colour choices, and you had to make with that and run around happily. I do know what you mean by italian fashion for men – positively gorgeous materials and cuts – you boys get to look as beautiful as peacocks. I, myself have a major weakness for italian shoes, which are pretty and so well made. AHHH!
    About beliefs – anything rather than dialectical materialism – that’s what’s wrong woth the world today, and it seems to not be abating. G

    Tiv – thanks for your long comment. Unwashed teeth at Yom Kippur must be close to “dog breath”, maybe a bit tough to take, but in the case of Yom Kippur only for a short time. Clients’ smells in an office must be unsettling, but must give a big clue about their mental condition. I think it must be difficult for doctors in general to be faced with patient scents that indicate the presence of a pernicious condition. I know, when I was in the leukemia ward 20 years ago, I was bothered by my own chemically scent, and spent over two hours every morning and night washing myself in a small basin, so that visitors and staff would not be so disturbed by my scent. I have always had an acute sense of smell, and have always assumed others possess that capacity as well; obviously an incorrect assumption, as has proved out throughout the years.
    Nah, no psychedelic drugs other than the genetic ones I have inherited within my chemical soup. I don’t think I could handle a psychedelic high. But yes, I am a bit nuts and have been committed before. Sigh! 🙂 G

  7. the individual voice Says:

    Ah, the maestro of memes. You were so fabulous, I tagged you yet again with Cole’s meme, over at my place. Enjoy.

  8. maryt Says:

    G, ah yes, surviving a Catholic education and upbringing makes you stronger! I join you in that! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! 🙂

    Beleive it or not I will have 13 things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving up tomorrow:
    Answers to the Questions

  9. maryt Says:


  10. QuoinMonkey Says:

    The live monkey, the smell of people in close quarters, and the hair washing…wait, I love to have my hair washed, too, when I go to get it cut. Fun lists. I enjoyed reading them. I know more about you by these little tidbits of info.

  11. suburbanlife Says:

    Maryt – happy thanksgiving to you! I first heard the rule “i before e, except after c” in catholic school and thought the rule was wierd and useless – so what happened to Weird? G

    QM – thamks for your comment – happy hair-washing and Thanksgiving. G

  12. Memes Galore « Mariacristina Says:

    […] friend G. from Suburban Life , a prolific, entertaining writer who is also a visual artist, wife, and mother, has tagged me with […]

  13. joefelso Says:

    Ooh. This is a tough one, and reading yours is especially intimidating. I know I’ve been tagged and will try to comply in the next couple of days, but I’m daunted, really daunted!

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