Is whining good for the soul, or is it just a waste of psychic energy? When a particular whine is repeated, just as laundry and constant dishwashing is repeated, it becomes tedious for the whiner and the recipients of said communication.

At the risk of sounding whiny, I’m going to complain about the lack of construction noise this morning. Here I have been up, dressed and swilling coffee for the past hour, up at a crazy hour just to enjoy blessed quiet, and mentally gearing myself up for the resumption of expected beeping, banging, grinding, shaking from the road crews at 7 am. So, they’re not here yet. It’s Monday morning and these men and machines are shirking their duty. Are they sleeping in? Are they procrastinating, standing around their vehicles at the local gas station, their morning joe in paper cups gripped in their hands, dragging out the time when they have to submit themselves to another day of assault on their and other’s senses?

This doesn’t sound at all whine-worthy. Maybe I am losing my mind.

I will post intermittently in the month of November. However, my morning habit of catching up with my favourite bloggers will sustain me: through a maybe operation of my eye, any day now; planning an anniversary party for Renaissance Man and his wife, Glasgow Girl;  going on a brief romantic Armistice Day weekend holiday with Rumpole to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary; and submitting myself to the crazy NaNoWriMo, 50,000word draft writing of purple prose pulp fiction – The Completer Set.

Whine – “I must be completely nuts!”

I will post from time to time to bitch and whine (and celebrate) and refresh my crazy self with the bon mots from my favourite blogs.  Happy November!!!!!

14 Responses to “Whine…”

  1. Nita Says:

    Happy November to you too and hope your operation goes well.
    As for whining, it’s good to whine you know, it’s a way of letting off steam. And often we find ourselves whining about things which don’t matter because we are worried about something else! Well, even then it’s a letting off of steam!

  2. the individual voice Says:

    I don’t recall ever hearing you whine, um, reading you whine. I have been whining all over my blog, which I am trying to stop doing, but you, you are entitled. And impending eye surgery, that is huge! Dental is bad enough, but eye feels even more intimate and scary. I’ll bet that’s why you are out of sorts, rather than going crazy. Also, Nanowrimo is pretty anxiety-provoking and the days get closer, creeping and creeping, right after Halloween. Notice I used creeping twice. I’m already practicing doing that.

  3. pmousse Says:

    Venting, not whining! Get your rationalizing vocabulary straight! 🙂

  4. suburbanlife Says:

    Nita – thanks for that. You are a wise woman. G

    tiv – This is a rather strange time- a good long-term friend was just diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer, two other friends are having complete hysterctomies for cancer, and here I am whingeing about getting a lens put into my left eye (hardly major operation). Yep, and Nano is terrifying.
    gotta get a grip, here. G

    pmousse – thanks for the correction! 🙂 g

  5. AnthonyNorth Says:

    Whining is all very well, as long as something constructive can come at the end of it. After all, if we couldn’t whine, the blogosophere would be very lonely.

  6. the individual voice Says:

    Friends all around you with cancer? That’s pretty terrifying and sad just by itself.

  7. ybonesy Says:

    Whining is, I believe, excellent for the soul. As long as you get it out there, and then let go of it. Similar to crying. Let it come out. Vent, steam, explode. Just don’t let it fester.

  8. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Whining, in my books, is repeating the same complaint time after time. Expressing a worry once and sharing it with a friend might classify as a complaining and is an absolute necessity. Sharing one’s worries and fears, angers and joys is the underpinning of friendly support.
    If friends share these things, it makes both parties happier, and that makes the world saner and happier.
    On overwhelming days, I just put one foot in front of the other, and somehow the next day seems to be better.
    Keep your chin up.

  9. Deborah Barlow Says:

    G, We’re in a similar life current…I am hoping for the best for all of our collectively health-challenged friends. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. maryt Says:

    Good luck G, with the eye surgery if it comes about…Good luck too with the novel writing in 30 days – just couldn’t take it on, but wanted to. You go ahead and whine all you want!! We American s whine all the time…none of that stiff, upper lip stuff!

    Thanks for commenting on Bad Art Friday:)

  11. suburbanlife Says:

    AnthonyNorth – thanks for the permission to carry on whining. 🙂 G

    TIV – this prequel to the “Golden Years” seems not to be paved with gold for many of our age mates. G

    ybonesy – don’t worry, I wont stuff my feelings, and will carry on complaining. G

    LFB – all three chins lined up in a firm row. I’ll remember to keep them that way. G

    Deborah – I am amazed at just how positive many of my friends facing health issues are. We hug and support each other, also remember to laugh at how strange life is. G

    Maryt – no stiff upper lip here. Re: the novel writing – I keep asking myself why the hell I am doing it. No sensible answer has yet emerged. G

  12. dreams.corner Says:

    Actually I don’t know English so well to understand the exact difference between whining and crying – but as for crying, there is a sort of sincere cry for higher emotions. So, if we cry for higher revelations in our art, with the same sincerity as the little baby cries for mother’s milk, then our art will become more profound. Such kind of cry is very good.

  13. joefelso Says:

    I often think I’m busy ruining the value of whining by putting too much of it into the currency stream. You don’t whine enough to affect its value, and the kind of whining you do may even be giving the term a good name.

  14. suburbanlife Says:

    Dejan- whining has a strong self-pity component to it I think, such as “why is this happening to me, NOW; how can life be so full of frustrating stupid stuff; why xannot things, situations, people and weather be more predictable; etc. – fill in your favourite whine, here”. i agree with you, crying can have a higher purpose and spurs on searches for good solutions. G

    D – nope, you don’t do that at all – you most eloquently put into words ideas and feelings some of us may be too inarticulate to express ourselves, which is why it is so valuable to read your candid and thoughtful writings. G

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