Ten minute Free Write – “The Refrigerator”

If there was a church that held confessions for lapsed housewives, I am sure the Mother Confessor must have heard my admissions of neglect of the refrigerator. I would be one of those women who slink into the church, covered head to toe so no one could identify me and squeeze into a polished confessional that smelled of Pledge and utter “Bless me Martha, for I have sinned…” and launch into a listing of the number of moldy containers in my fridge:  the rancid milk left in a carton at least three months old,  tomatoes in the crisper which could be used to develop penicillin for a  small town’s citizens and miscellaneous mystery packages of food no longer identifiable due to their advanced state of decay.  Martha would then ask if I had thrown out the quarter package of rancid hamburger I mentioned last time I was here confessing to sins against sanitary house-keeping, and, unfortunately for me the answer would have to be “no”. My penance this time might be to give the fridge a thorough scouring, without rubber gloves, using bleach and hot water, then again afterward with a solution of Mr Clean. I should end up with a clear conscience, a sparkling fridge and rough, pruny hands.

4 Responses to “Ten minute Free Write – “The Refrigerator””

  1. ybonesy Says:

    When my blogging partner and I do free writes, we’ll often do recall on one another’s posts. I wanted to tell you that what I recall most from your free write is doing penance by scouring the refrigerator WITHOUT gloves and using bleach, and then the second time with Mr. Clean. Yikes. This really is punishment because the bleach smell stays on your hands for hours afterwards. So, yes, that’s some “penitente” cleaning, as they’d say here in New Mexico.

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    A proper “penitente” punishment might include walking in circles in the kitchen self-flagellating with the used cleaning cloths while chanting?

  3. ybonesy Says:

    Yes, and especially after stripping the cloths into thin pieces. Moaning between chants better than not.

  4. Trish Scott Says:

    Hi Gabrielle. Drop by for a little surprise. http://scottfree2b.wordpress.com/2007/08/11/awards-ceremony/ Trish

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