Liquidation World?

Let us browse, slow moving

in this emporium of unsold, soiled goods,

quietly search and scan

under the neon high-noon glare for

innumerable useless objects to

deaden unrequited wants

always lurking at

the margins of an unsatisfied self,

in momentary abeyance, now,

only to flare up whenever the

need for material padding prevails.

What desire do we have for a remaindered

oil-lamp with a china penguin base,

reams of orange construction paper

left behind from last October’s sales, or

desiccated frozen meats from the freezers?

GM, November 2005. Setting rules for constructing a poem, in this case deciding that Whatever the title, the poem is constructed with lines beginning with the letters in the words of the title, in sequence. I like working within restrictions – it helps me to focus.

2 Responses to “Liquidation World?”

  1. mariacristina Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of this poem. Maybe we keep our stuff to prove that the past isn’t mere fiction or a dream.

    I like your poetic device. Working within restrictions allows for its own kind of creativity.

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    You are right about restrictions allowing for creativity, Christine. I am certain you have a list of restrictions from which you approach the Lucy Laverde stories, they certainly have a clear format and length- perfect for the short entries by Lucy. G

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