Eight facts about my life…

MariaChristina at WordPress has tagged me to provide eight little known facts about my life.  These are very ordinary facts, known well by all my intimates.

–At nineteen I travelled around Europe, stayed in France for three months and attended the Alliance Francaise school  in Paris to learn French.  At the same time I was working as Au Pere and searching for an apprenticeship as a printmaker.

-During my youth I was designated “mother” and “caretaker” for my Mom and older sister, rebelled and left for the north to try and devise my own life.

–I have kept up the habit of journalling since my early twenties, much of this will meet with a backyard fire, one of these days.

–Rumpole and I have been together for 32 years, and there are still mysteries unfolding about him as a person. This makes our relationship feel fresh.

— I have an incessant curiosity, which others may call nosiness.

–I dislike having the radio, tv, or records on as background, even in the car while travelling.  I have to sit and listen and then turn off the sounds and process what I have heard.  Ambient sounds are very important for me to have a handle on surroundings.

–I love young people and older people, find much to be learned from them.  Kind of like all sorts of people, particularly those who live coherently with their strong beliefs, are passionate and follow their own path.

–I am addicted to cheese, red wine, substantial breads, fruit of all types.

9 Responses to “Eight facts about my life…”

  1. nicolemarie Says:

    i’m with you on that whole incessant curiosity thing…why is it though, that everyone else really does just consider it nosiness?

  2. mjau Says:

    What kind of person does not want to be nosed at? I’m pretty sure curious people live longer and happier (or at least more interesting) lives!

  3. scottfree2b Says:

    It’s fun isn’t it? I did the 8 random facts awhile back just for the heck of it.


    Every time I read others lists I see something I easily could have added to my own. From yours it is this; –I dislike having the radio, tv, or records on as background, even in the car while travelling.

  4. Eight Things About My Life & Excerpts from Jane Austen’s Novel Persuasion « Sexuality in Art Says:

    […] https://suburbanlife.wordpress.com/2007/07/11/eight-facts-about-my-life/#comments […]

  5. joefelso Says:

    These are the eight things of a person I would enjoy spending time with…except for the music thing…but maybe I should be listening to ambient sounds too.

  6. mariacristina Says:

    I know what you mean about the ambient noise. The TV is always on in my house, unless I turn it off!

    Sounds like you and Rumpole have a good thing going. He has an interesting name.

    Substantial bread is a nice way of talking about bread.

    A nice list!

  7. Deborah Barlow Says:

    I really enjoyed what you chose to highlight about yourself. And amazingly, they all fit with my impression of you which I have drawn primarily from reading your blog posts these last few months. You are one of the most multi-faceted people I know, which has made your writings very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing these.

  8. onemoreoption Says:

    Thank you for sharing those Eight facts. I enjoy knowing more about you.

    It’s funny how this tagging kind of works like the game ‘telephone.’ Your list was “Eight Facts,” mine was “Eight Things,” and gingermiss’ was “Eight Lesser Knowns” – who knows what it will mutate into: ‘Eight Deep Dark Secrets’ or maybe ‘Eight Complete Fictions.’

    Yeah curiosity!

    Yeah ambient sounds!

    Yeah music and TV in the background! oops, just kidding.

  9. lookingforbeauty Says:

    I like to think of the “nosiness/curiosity” label as a misunderstanding of the artist’s role as observer and recorder. All your writings reveal your fine curiosity about the world around you and about the lives and goings on of your friends and acquaintances. Just carry on. It’s bringing us lots of fun, laughter and sympathy.

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