Flood warning…

The rivers are rising! Last week’s hot weather seems to have resulted in a fast melt of the high ground snow pack. Cows from dairy farms in the eastern valley are being evacuated in large numbers, and are being moved to higher ground. Lucky and her husband and children are sand-bagging their house on the dike, their immediate neighbours are removing and plugging toilets and moving belongings to higher levels in their houses. 40 or so families who live in the flood plain in our community are on evacuation alert.

Rumpole and I drove down to the river, quite some distance from our place.  It is running high and very fast. it has been raining here for the past few days- that kind of intense spring rain accompanied by thunder and lightning. The rain looks as if it is here to stay for a couple more days, and the vegetation does need it.

What if the flood does come and is the expected high?  Will the many blueberry farms, all on low land  surrounded by diking, be inundated? If the worst happens how much damage will be done to the vigorous fields of bushes which provide a living to these farmers?

We have friends who have a farm a fifteen minute walk downhill from our house.  They have a herd of fallow deer, with a number of young this time of year.  How will they manage?

Now the wait is on, with it the hope for respite and reprieve for all of our neighbours threatened by this flooding.

5 Responses to “Flood warning…”

  1. Nita Says:

    I was trying to imagine the picture you have painted here. It would be nice to have a photo!
    But the flooding – is it something to do with global warming or is it a natural phenomena?

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    So sorry so many may be in a high risk situation. It’s unnerving for sure awaiting possible peril…not knowing what to expect. My thoughts and prayers are coming northward.

    Take a breath. Hope all is well.

  3. suburbanlife Says:

    Nita – sorry but i cannot take pictures, and If i could, would have trouble posting to the blog… more stuff i still have to learn. It’s hard to say that it is related to global warming, the last major flood was in the 40s, but this year the interior snowpack was massive, so maybe?

    Marsha – we are watching and listening, and hoping for a gradual melt this week – it has been cooler, and upcountry some people have been flooded out already, so by the weekend the rise should affect people here in our neighbourhood, or not, God willing! The river is awfully high at our friends’ place, and it is affected by ocean tides, so it rises and falls during the day, any added water then is on top of the tide-affected amounts.

  4. Deborah Barlow Says:

    Our eyes are on you and our fingers crossed…

  5. jadepark Says:

    ugh! i hope you are all okay, and that any harm done is quickly undone. mother nature can make us feel so helpless at times.

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