On the mend…

A quiet sunny morning.  It is unseasonably cool for May. The apple tree outside my kitchen window is snowing its petals onto the grass. “Rumpole” and I had a quiet breakfast, he read out loud of the newspaper to me this morning. It promises to be a long and slowly moving day, just perfect for recuperating.

The lens was removed from my left eye during the third operation. Some light and dark shapes make themselves manifest when I close my right eye, which the surgeon says is a good sign.  However with infections and haemorrhaging in the left globe the retina may fail to seat itself correctly.  Only time will tell what the end result might be. So I am assuming for the time being that being one-eyed  is the short and medium term prognosis.  This is fine, with me, because better to have some residual sight than none at all.  I can read for a little while now, so that provides certain satisfaction for every day.

So the days pass, I feel better and more hopeful, and am plotting different ways to make adjustments. And most thankfully, friends and family don’t treat me as if I am about to fall apart or must be carted about with my tender sensibilities swathed in cotton batting. This is good!

And I read all your blogs happily.  Thanks for being there!

7 Responses to “On the mend…”

  1. Deborah Barlow Says:

    I’m amazed by your spunk. It is the quality needed for optimal healing, and I hope your body mends, mends, mends.

    And so good to be up to date on where things stand. I’m sending you my very best regards.

  2. Wekie Says:

    I love your thoughts on your recovery. Like the way you shared your inner thoughts. Best wishes to you! Be well!

  3. galloway Says:

    Glad to here things are going well. All my best wishes for your recovery.
    I noticed that you’ve removed me from your blogrole — was it something I said? No worries, you’re still on mine.
    Get well soon.

  4. galloway Says:

    ‘here’? Sorry, it’s been a tough day.

  5. joefelso Says:

    Your good spirits are inspiring. I wonder if I’d do half as well in your place. My most powerful positive thoughts are headed in your direction. —D

  6. suburbanlife Says:

    Thank you all, Deborah, Wekie, Don and David. I waited till today to send back a message. Saw the surgeon this morning and find I have no infection, am on the mend and can actually see shapes and colours with the lensless eye – Yay! Must have been all of your good wishes kicking in, I am grateful. a biT sore to read for a long time, but soon, soon…

  7. scottfree2b Says:

    Ahhh… Good. You are in my heart and I came here to demand an update and viola! Here it is. Great news!

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