Third Time… Lucky?

Yesterday morning Barb came early to have a muffin and coffee for breakfast with “Rumpole ” and I, before she took me to the retinal surgeon for a follow up visit.  It was a glorious cool and sunny morning, fresh feeling and a beautiful variegated green world to be driving into town. Traffic was fairly easy and once we got to the destination my “parking angel” was in customary attendance, for we got a great spot in front of the building, with some paid time left on the meter.

The slow moving crowd in the waiting room and outside in the hall holding up the walls moved in and out of the examining room with the regularity of soup cans moving on a conveyor belt. When it was my time to be summoned by the surgeon, i groped my way past the reception desk where the surgeon grasped my hands and led me into his sci-fi equipped examination room. “You are such a sweetheart, Mrs. S” he announced, “let’s look at how things are?” “Sweetheart” had a momentary urge to throttle the poor man, but restrained herself, being somewhat dependent upon him to be in good shape to provide the necessary ongoing help.

“I don’t like what I’m seeing here,” he said, “this infection is not clearing up!” He did seem pleased that I saw shadows when he blinked the bright pin-light on and off, but determined that this upcoming Thursday I would have to go back into hospital for operation #3. “Now, get your friend to take you downtown to the Eye Care Centre for another Ultra-sound” he ordered, as he placed a number of legal release forms in front of my nose to sign off on. He led me by hand out into the waiting room to meet up with Barb, “sweethearting” me all the way in a most off-putting manner.  Had he called me “my little thunder-cloud” he may have hit closer to my state of mind at the time.  I was overcome with momentary rage!

Barb and I descended in the elevator kvetching and commiserating, and also giggling about the surgeon’s unnecessary obsequieousness toward me. “Helps to have a lawyer for a husband, eh?” ventured Barb. “Not for recurring eye-infections!” I opined.

We made record time downtown to the Eye Care Clinic, “parking angel” accompanying us. The short walk from our parking spot led us by stands of mature azalea hedges in magnificent purple bloom; the various spring greening deciduous trees were  delicious harmonies of lemon, pale yellow-green and tender apple green, sun dappled, glorious! The few clumps of dandelions were  joyful, jaunty wildings amidst this cultivated urban landscape.

No long waiting time for the ultra-sound, what little time we had to wait we whiled away looking at the fabulous art on the walls of the waiting room. The doctor who came out to shepherd me in is a pleasant Pakistani man of middle years, and he did his pokings in the eye with the ultrasound wand with skill and care.  He took pains to reassure me that the retina looked good and I should be encouraged.  For this I am extremely grateful.

Barb and I grabbed a couple of Mango smoothies to slurp on our way back to the car.  We admired the shrubs and trees in sunlight, and lounged on the tail-gate of her car to call “Rumpole” and report to him about proceedings so far. Then we drove to my favourite Pho Hoa restaurant.  We were quite ravenous and polished off smallish bowls of Pho with brisket, quite delicious.

On the way home, Barb and I debated on the wisdom of not continuing on with the evening’s painting class. She figured that she and L. would be happy to come and drink vast quantities of green tea with me, but couldn’t see the wisdom of me hanging about the studio with solvents circulating in the air.  I made her promise that she would spend her time at home this evening working on her painting, which is at a particularly interesting stage that she should capitalize upon.

Once we were back at my house, she walked me inside and gave me a long and loving hug, saying I should do little more this day except rest. We had spent some considerable time during our hours together discussing her trials and tribulations with her 17-year old daughter and her current anxieties with the whole parenting business.  Barb is a very smart and caring wife and mother, and her reactions to her family circumstances are based on a great degree of thought and heart, as well as with humour.  We determined that what we each had to do is to simply keep putting one foot in front of the other, pause from time to time, and keep going.

“Rumpole” cut his workday short and spent the evening with me quietly lounging in the living room.  We are determined to persevere, hopefully with some grace!

10 Responses to “Third Time… Lucky?”

  1. Deborah Barlow Says:

    The way you are engaging in these complex matters calls up two words for me: courage, and grace. I will be awaiting the next installment in this drama. Sending you lots of love.

  2. scottfree2b Says:

    Manomanoman. I agree with Deborah. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. suburbanlife Says:

    Thank you, Deborah, Trish. I am being calm and hanging in here. We are coping with a lot of great help!

  4. Nita Says:

    You are definitely doing more than hanging in there. I feel a lot of healing has to do with the mind and I am sure that your attitude is going to bring forward your healing.

  5. Nach Says:

    I have just arrived and I see that you have already been writing around: you cannot (absolutely forbidden) read this comment until you have not recovered completely.
    Please, don’t force the eyes. Rest!

    One big saludo and up, up, up! 🙂

  6. galvanized Says:

    Well, good retina is one thing that we needed to hear, so that much is wonderful. Again, I am so sorry for your trials through all of these eye surgeries.

    But one very small thing on the good side is that it gives you and Barb time together for her to share with you, and you get to see how loved you are. And Rumpole sounds like such a great husband. 🙂

    Tell Barb that I, too, have a 17 year-old daughter that gives me fits, and we also feel out our relationship everyday. We’ll both get through, and they’ll adore us in later years for what we put up with today.

    I just outstretched my hand to the north (Texas to Canada) and said a prayer for your eyes. Hope you felt it! LOL

    Melanie 🙂

  7. joefelso Says:

    I’d say you are persevering with considerable grace. And to share your thoughts at a time like this is the ultimate generosity. You are lucky to have friends like Barb, and we are lucky to have your posts. I hope you are also finding the time to heal. —D

  8. maryt Says:

    Suburbanlife, I just wanted to say hello…you and I often meet at James Steerforth’s blog…trying to guess endings of American or English classic novels.

    Why don’t you visit my blog?

    Hope you do.

  9. galvanized Says:

    OK, now getting a little more concerned because you have not posted in a while, G. Hope it’s because you’re just resting up and that all is fine. :-/

  10. suburbanlife Says:

    Thank you all so much, and very nice to hear from you – Nita, Nach, David, Mary and Melanie!
    So far so good. A bit of pain in the eye right now, but hopefully the infection is abated somewhat. Should know by tomorrow. had the lens removed this time as well as surgical clean-up, and am happy to say i can now see light through the left eye. Hoping, so very much that there are no more surgeries. G

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