Yech… green light for the operation!

Maria just called from the retinologist’s office – the operation is on for tomorrow morning at 9 am. (She tells me this at 5 o’clock in the afternoon today. This is most offputting as yesterday she called and set the date for coming Tuesday morning, so I rearranged teaching schedule for the next 5 days, and now that has to be re-arranged, yet again!)

I so dread this operation. The thought of having my eyeball cut into is most distressing and quite disgusting to even contemplate.  The surgeon is a tall man with really big hands – might he have  a dextrous and delicate touch?  But I must not obsess about this – what will happen will happen!

The good news is even though “Rumpole” cannot drive me to the hospital, as he has a court date in the valley, in the opposite direction from the big downtown hospital where the surgery is to be, my neighbour will drive me there.  He is a respiratory tech whose shift begins at 7 am at this hospital, a considerable drive from our neighbourhood. So, door to door service is nice, not to be sneered at!  This is certainly a better and more convenient way to travel to an operation than for someone who lives in a country where medical resources are scarce or may be difficult to access. I feel incredibly fortunate to live in a place rich in medical services, and in which these services are financially possible to receive due to universal health insurance!

At the end of his workday, “Renaissance Man” will commute with me back home tomorrow.  During the drive home, I can  practice being a piratical, jaunty older woman, with my temporary eye-patch, and get caught up with current happenings with “RM’s” life.

13 Responses to “Yech… green light for the operation!”

  1. mjau Says:

    Hope your operation will be easy and successful! A lot of people have a fear of getting their eyes tampered with… Must be a universal fear.

    Yes, it’s very nice to live in a society with guaranteed health care for every citizen! However, sometimes it doesn’t really work very smoothly… Last Friday I noticed something that looked like a hole in my tooth (a teeny black spot), which is very odd, since I haven’t had one in over 20 years. So I called the time reservation number for communal dental care, but the line for a check up was over 6 months! And since I was not in any pain, the nice lady asked if I could afford private health care. So I thought, better have it fixed sooner than later, so now I have a private dentist appointment tomorrow (one week instead of six months waiting).

    I don’t have a fear of dentists, but I can’t stand that feeling of not being able to swallow when you need to, and your eyes start to run from the light, and well, it’s rarely pain free, or comfortable, even if all they do is a little cleaning or scraping…

  2. galloway Says:

    I hope the surgery goes well for you and is successful. I’m surgery phobic and had to have a major operation last year so I know how you feel. Very best wishes.

  3. suburbanlife Says:

    A quick thanks to both of you – am off in 5 minutes for the drive to meet the knife.
    Mjau – yes, get that tooth looked at right away. Hope it’s minor tampering in your mouth!

  4. James Steerforth Says:

    “The thought of having my eyeball …” – same here. Anything to do with the eyes being touched (no less worked on) is painful.

    Hope the operation is a success!!!

  5. lookingforbeauty Says:

    I’m thinking of you every minute. Praying that there are no glitches. We want you back painting and writing full time. Your creativity is essential and you express it so well visually, you must not lose that.

  6. scottfree2b Says:

    Eyes. So delicate. So vulnerable. Got to freak you out! My prayers are with you.

  7. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I’ve had my eye worked on three different times. Got a fleck of metal stuck in the white part of the eye and had to have it removed, had two chalazons that had to be removed. It’s not as much fun as kayaking 🙂 but you are a special little lady and you WILL be fine! So there:) I’ll be praying along with everyone else.

  8. Nita Says:

    All the best for your operation. Any operation is difficult, more emotionally I think. An eye operation is all the more nerve racking but I am sure you will go through with it smoothly!
    my mother in law is being operated upon tomorrow for breast cancer and we are all by her side…its very hard on her emotionally. She’s 77 actually.
    Keep writing!
    Love. Nita.

  9. suburbanlife Says:

    Nita, Marsha, Trish, Kay and James – thanks so much for your good wishes. 🙂 I’m still standing, healing. Got to go see the retinologist this am so he can admire his handiwork. And, surprise, I got a look at his hands in the O.R. yesterday, teased him about going at my eye with his monster size meat-hooks, before he ordered the anaesthesiologist to knock me out to shut me up.
    Nita – I hope your mother-in-law comes through her operation well. breast cancer is so frightening for women, the operation very intrusive and changes that result so anxiety-provoking. I know you all will give her lots of re-assurance!

  10. galvanized Says:

    Gabriella, hope that everything is healing all right. So will your vision be great once it heals? Certainly don’t like reading of any retinal problems, although cataracts are pretty easily treatable, right? Hope you’re doing well, and glad it’s over for you, despite his working with “meat hooks.” LOL

    I myself was diagnosed with glaucoma when I was 25, in both eyes. So one of my concerns is also of losing my vision. And the drops are just…aghhhh…drying to the eyes and mouth. But it beats the alternative.

    Well, again, glad to see that you’ve been typing since everything, so you must be good! Take care…and thank God and amen for adequate medical care…and Rumpole and the rest in your life. Sounds like you’re very loved. 🙂


  11. imoreta Says:

    Good luck!!! ( 🙂 you don’t need it bcause everything’s gonna be all right: I’m sure).

  12. Deborah Barlow Says:

    Sending lots of healing energy your way. We are all with you on this.

  13. scottfree2b Says:

    I know you are doing well (all went better than expected even — right?) but how ’bout an update?

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