Caryatids with teeth…

Picture, if you will, a building like the Erechteion, where a decorous row of demure, gowned maidens bear the weight of the entablature at the tops of their heads.

The other evening, during our visit with “Mousey”, “Glasgow Girl” and “Renaissance Man”, “Rumpole” was much amused to observe “Mousey” standing at the edge of the coffee table, chewing her way along in gay abandon. Right now there is a strip of soft, foamy plastic around the table’s perimeter.  This is there to protect “Mousey” from bashing her head in, due to her numerous falls and mis-steps. This protective rim is something she loves to chew on, as she is teething.

“You should have seen how funny the four baby girls looked, yesterday, as they clung to different edges, each madly chewing away”, said “Glasgow Girl”. Her pre-natal  group has kept in touch after the birth of nine babies. The mothers and babies visit together every Thursday, the moms to discuss their adjustment to their new roles, and the babies to play together, after a fashion. Four of the baby girls are at the crawling and standing-up stage.  According to “Glasgow Girl” they clutched onto the table and chewed away at the edges in unison – a synchronised chewing team, she compared them to.

On the way home after our visit, ” Rumpole” and I had a good laugh together, after I jokingly mentioned that some contemporary sculptor should make a new model version of the Erechteion on which diapered baby girls hold up the entablature by their hands while chewing along the edges with their teeth and gums.  The new structure could be called “Caryatids with teeth”. A very post-modern riff this would be, I think!

3 Responses to “Caryatids with teeth…”

  1. Deborah Barlow Says:

    Love the image!

  2. Kristin Krimmel Says:

    I had such a chuckle over this image, of four babies (at least) holding up the corners of building, teething on the cornices and grasping with fat hands on the crown moulding, so as to speak. Now just give this a twist and have a giant child’s face turning to the right, peering with curiosity as only a child can do, into the uppermost windows of the office building. That would be some sight for the office workers!

  3. suburbanlife Says:

    Deborah, Kay – this grandmothering business is sure full of surprises, and adds to the joy of living.

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