Worthwhile to watch on PBS – TV

February is Black History Month.

Worth watching is “Forgotten Genius”, part of the science series, “Nova”, a dramatization of the life of black research chemist Percy L. Julian.

There is a wonderful article in the February 6, 2007 edition of The New York Times – “Reclaiming a Black Research Scientist’s Forgotten Legacy”, by Felicia R. Lee.

For any of us who have benefitted from use of cortisone for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, or other conditions (including Psoriasis), some knowledge of individuals engaged in the development of such drugs is useful in celebrating the gifts our predecessors have bestowed on us to ease our lives.

As a past and current user of cortisone medication, I salute the memory of this remarkable individual, Mr. Percy L. Julian.

One Response to “Worthwhile to watch on PBS – TV”

  1. Dejan Says:

    “It certainly gives hope to young people about what you can be if you never, ever, ever give up,” Mr. Julian’s son said. “That was the message our father gave us.”

    It sounds like very good documentary. Link to NY Times article can be found here.

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