The Passion

Two little girls

on a crisp and windy spring evening walk

hats pinned in place,

new patent-leather shoes and virginal ankle socks

twinkle up basalt steps.

Good Friday, Missa Solemnis,

priest in purple mourning.

They dip fingers in holy water,

Genuflect, ease into the pew.

Age-old pageantry unfolds,

holds them spell-bound.

The sermon recounts

Christ’s last hours of life.

The older one sheds tears;

the younger fidgets,


50 years later, a phone call comes.

“You have got to go see The Passion”,

says the friend…

“It’s amazing, harrowing, upsetting!

Mel Gibson of Road Warrior fame

has made a film of Christ’s last hours of life.

The dialogue is in Aramaic,

the setting in Palestine, the actors,

unknowns, the budget huge”.

“This is entertainment,

All to fill the void; millions of dollars spent to create

Something more terrible than the actual lives of

Most living things; one should never have to pay an admission to hell.” *(C B)

50 years later, the older sister is living

her own version of hell.

She doesn’t need to watch a facsimile

glimmer on the silver screen.

After all, it was she who often walked to church

barefoot, carrying her shoes and missal,

weekly re-enacting the Passion,

emulating Christ.

The younger one still fidgets,


and asks “Why?”

*(Charles Bukowski quote)            GM, 2004

2 Responses to “The Passion”

  1. citrus Says:

    Powerful! Thank you…

  2. dreams.corner Says:

    composition of my poems is related to short period of time, mainly at present moment or past or future, but you combine time periods, and that gives certain flavour. I will try to do the same one day, I like it 🙂

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