Stuff in life….landscapes of consumption…

This Canadian photographer has made an amazing body of work during his career….

The result of our obsession with novelty , status,  acquisition of  power, pleasure and need to ease of innate fears has had profound consequences on us – in how we live, where we live and our ecologic impact as a species.  Sure, we read all about this every day, but think back on the way the bombing of the Twin Towers in 01 held most of us spellbound (because it so closely affected us).

As I type this on my rebuilt computer and brand new monitor…. niggling in the back of my mind are the pictures Burtynsky has captured.  They should be played all day without surcease on Televisions in suburbia.  Pictures can sometime be worth a thousand words!

This film  of Burtynsky’s has been playing in Canada in 2006…..Profoundly affecting…..a dirge!

Manufactured Landscapes

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