Variable Weather in Suburbia….everywhere in the world

Some of you dropping by have reported variable conditions  today – snow in Belgrade, stormy in Cornwall.

It’s sunny here, and lovely, but miss snow. If you are an armchair traveller who doesn’t get around much any more stop by at:  – “St Sava – All Schools’ Slava”

He gives good tours!

3 Responses to “Variable Weather in Suburbia….everywhere in the world”

  1. Kay Says:

    Foggy in Vancouver

    Fog envelops the tennis club park.
    Winter trees, intricacies of branch and twig,
    feather against it.
    Silhouette after silhouette,
    complicating the edges between
    life and death

  2. Dejan Says:

    Hey Suburbia, I just saw that you mentioned my blog. Thanks very much. I hope I will learn much about art from you, you are the one who has the vision, talent and experience, I am just a humble beginner in the world of art. Thanks for writing your blog!

  3. Michèle Says:

    You are very welcome to come and walk with me any time ! Stormy is probably the best description for Cornwall for most of this time of year. Living in the far West of anywhere seems to bring the wind and rain from the sea. It’s the same in Ireland, and Wales for that matter. But it also brings all this amazingly variable light, and you know I love that !

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