Fog in suburbia…

It is foggy in suburbia this morning.

This brings to mind 2 sites the fog of the internet  has revealed to me, and which I  plan to linger in to enjoy and learn more about the nature of fog as experienced elsewhere by people.

7 Responses to “Fog in suburbia…”

  1. citrus Says:

    Thank you for the gracious comment. I am getting ready to check out Michele’s site right now.

  2. onemoreoption Says:

    Wow, those are great photographs

  3. Michèle Says:

    Yes many thanks from me too…Not foggy today but very wintry grey with nothing much to redeem itself in terms of interesting lighting…A good day to get on and do all the things I don’t get round to doing because I’m out taking pictures !

  4. Dejan Says:

    And today is snowy in Belgrade. I already had chance to be acquainted with beautiful photographs from Michelle site, and thank you for citrus link too 🙂

    I photographed one painting in oil that I bought last year, so I will post it in some of following days on my blog, and I expect your comment on it :). I did not have any intention to buy a painting, we went to buy another one for present, but when I saw it I couldn’t resist. So we bought two, ugh 🙂

  5. suburbanlife Says:

    Gorgeous sunshine today, here…. I look forward to the way you all lift a corner of the fog, and invite me to peek under to see what you also see:-)

  6. onemoreoption Says:

    Suggestion: You might at the “Recent Comments” sidebar widget to this blog, so we can see updates to posts from Kay and others. It lists the most recent comments added to the blog.

  7. suburbanlife Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion – you know the saying – “give a monkey a typewriter…”? I am not a particularly clever one, unfortunately, however I can get “Rumpole”, who is more logical, to show me how to lob some bananas your way. i’ll try to improve:-)

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