Glamour couples……a new fad or a tradition?

I am going to be somewhat long-winded in telling this.  Please bear with me?

“Rumpole” and I, spend mornings before he goes to work drinking coffee and reading the local rags. We are not “morning people”, although in a half-assed “Stepford Wife” fashioned way I tend to fake it and try to be a bit more chipper in order to buck up “Rumpole” who has a hard time waking up, needs his coffee  to arrive in his sleepy grasp fresh and strong.  He usually is very curious about current affairs, the economy and politics and often discusses items that pique his interest and we have great conversations that often make me think, when we are apart, about various things he has pointed out. He rarely reads feel- good stories,  articles about fashions and trends, odd bits and pieces, nor book reviews. While he reads about the weather in the papers, I look out the window.  We check things in the papers  based on our individual tendencies and often react quite differently when we discuss what has come to each of our attentions. Sometimes we are in complete agreement. Other times we debate, with varying degrees of fervour, depending largely on how we’ re feeling at the time and how we each are mulling about our upcoming activities.

This morning, I noticed a photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in “The Sun”. The newspapers referred to them as “Brangelina”.  Brad Pitt reminds me of a younger version “Rumpole”(when we were courting I thought R  was”Hot”.  This is a pleasant memory, but I digress).  I  never looked as good as Angelina Jolie does in this picture  (in earlier times Rumpole acted like he considered me a hottie).  I  thought a bit about this while sipping coffee and started snorting and chuckling. “Rumpole”, interrupted at his reading, asked me what I was finding to giggle about.  He had been engrossed in and alarmed by an article on new tax measures. I pointed to the Brangelina photo and said that they were sure an attractive couple. ” So, what’s your point?”, he asked rather irritably.  I told him that right then we looked like a fine pair , definitely not like a glamour couple, him with his glossy bald head and ratty bathrobe and me with my wild grey hair sticking up all over the place and my Snoopy slippers.  He looked blank for a moment and then started laughing.

“You are so silly”, “Rumpole” managed to get out between chortles. I laughed and asked him to think of neighbours who might be considered a glamour couple, even if we would not. “Consider Sherry and Harold (younger neighbours two houses over from ours). Harold is sure easy on my eyes, besides which he is to be admired as a highly skilled tradesman, hard worker and much respected, good natured and  honourable and Sherry and their kids love him. Meanwhile you, “Rumpole”, like Sherry,have said that you thought her extremely attractive, witty, very capable  and caring. You said she had ‘pluck  and character’ “.  He scratched his head, while considering this, and finally concluded that yes, Sherry and Harold were the glamour couple on our street. Laughing, I suggested that from now on we refer to them as “Sharold”, in code, to save time. We had a good laugh over this.  For a little while he stopped his fretting over news about taxes and his mood improved.  He went off and got dressed in his suit. Today he had to be sharp in court.

As “Rumpole” and I, “Stepford Wife,” said our goodbyes at the door this morning, I noticed he had a bit of spring in his step. He smoothed my messy hair and patted me on the bum.

I just had to write this down so I can remember this situation in the future, and it may cause me delight. And true to my silly nature, I’m wondering what Venus and Mars, that glamour couple in old times, would have had their two names condensed to, to  arrive at a version of “Brangelina”. Did whatever code neighbouring Olympians decided to shorten their names to enable Venus and Mars  to share laughter momentarily and Mars to have a spring in his step as he left the grove to go about his business? 

The next time I am walking the dog, if Sherry is out in her yard puttering about, I’ll casually mention to her that from here on in, to save time in greetings whenever we all meet , I’ll call out to them – ” Hi Sharold!”  She and Harold might get a kick out of this! 

2 Responses to “Glamour couples……a new fad or a tradition?”

  1. Michèle Says:

    Hardly “glamorous”, but we would have been Migel or Nigèle, I think the latter more interesting…But then we would have had to have met 30 odd years ago…and referring to your previous post, wilderness is eminently preferable to manicured and mole-free lawns, IMHO….:-)

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    Nigele does have a better ring, sort of poetic. I like it better than our best possibility of “Rumwife” which has seriously negative connotations….:-)
    I’m looking forward to your next post…..

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