You are immense –

your head looms above me

your eyes reflective mirrors

rimmed in black.

Your dappled grey coat

recalls to mind

soot-grimed limestone walls

in Paris, your namesake.

You have the imposing mass

of a monolithic building

whose geometric contours

have been softened

made more beautiful by

The Creator’s molding hands.

Ever alert, you respond to

subtle shifts of noise and mood,

move with large grace

toward vantage points

from which to see what has

changed in your world.

Cruise the pasture expanse

with me, explore long

Spring trails along the riverbank.

Walk with me back to the barn.

There is good timothy

and alfalfa to browse,

fresh water

an apple’s

sweetness to savour.

My loving hands wait

to smooth your

velvet neck and flanks,

to cradle the soft muzzle

that breathes your trust into my hands.

11/3/2006  G M

2 Responses to “Paris”

  1. Michèle Says:

    This is a lovely poem…I could really see you there !

  2. onemoreoption Says:


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