Vivaldi, with vegetables on the side…

Last night while I was flipping through TV channels casually a fragment of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” accompanying as sound-track a fleeting image of a plateful of dinner arrested my attention. Incredulous, with open mouth, I took in the advertisement. In choreographed movements perfectly keeping time with the music, a man methodically polished off ALL of the vegetables on his plate.  The woman, with whom he was dining, archly questioned whether he was going to make any attempts to eat his steak.  Presumably, the vegetables were so delectable as to completely fulfill his appetite.  Sort of an inverse of the male’s real preference for meat. Clever advertising, except for one thing, the juxtaposition of Vivaldi with vegetables surprised me so much that the brand of what was being advertised didn’t register.

Somehow, what is shown on television is not compelling enough for me to immerse myself in  watching TV often enough to try to come upon this advertisement again. At least, PBS doesn’t conflate Vivaldi and vegetables. 

One Response to “Vivaldi, with vegetables on the side…”

  1. onemoreoption Says:

    Yes, not good to use Four Seasons to sell vegatables.

    It’s amazing how many commercials make me remember the commercial and I don’t register the product being sold.

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