An interesting development…

During the past week news have come, one day, that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is contemplating nationalizing that country’s telecommunications and electrical supply systems, maybe casting his socialist blanket over the national oil production as well and is also considering making major philosophical changes to Venezuela’s Education system.  The following morning, our local rag reported that the Iranian President visited Chavez and pledged to devise with him a strategy for oil extraction, development and supply control.  The two have formed an economic pact for the production of trucks and bicycles, presumably because the possession of trucks enable their two countries to move necessities around more reliably, while common access to bicycles by their countrymen increases individuals’ mobility and their ability to gather and transport needed daily supplies.

These two news items came, closely following on the heels of US President Bush’s announcement to step up troop strength in Iraq. The US has the problem of being the Modern Hans Brinker. One finger is plugging the onrushing tide of political non-compliance with its military presence in one place, meanwhile the dike has sprung another leak, of an ideological and economic nature, in another geographic region and which development proves a breach closer to home.

Now, this causes me to wonder if, soon,  I can expect to read in the newspapers an article that the Hugo Chavez government is toppled in a “coup” and that the forces of democracy once again prevail like they did when Chile’s Allende-lead government was brutally crushed.

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