Anaesthetic aesthetic…

Saw an image of a bathroom tap yesterday.  This was supposed to be the latest, greatest, most desirable bathroom tap to be coveted by the modern housewife.  For this new, top-of-the-line-design tap one is to jettison, get rid of, make history of the old standard plumbing fixture.

Is there an old tap heaven, where defunct taps go to reside?

Were I to acquire this new tap, in all its designer glory, the brown water that currently issues from the trusty, old standby would look even more silty and unappetizing.  The new tap seems to imply that water gushes pure, unsullied and crystalline from a mysteriously unknown source.

Oh, hell, one knows that water comes in plastic bottles with different logos from the grocery store, the local gas station.  One suspects that water that gushes from the bathroom and kitchen taps, no matter how aesthetically pleasing their design, is less pure and hence less desirable than the bottled variety.

So the question is…. are we safer to consume and use items that are well packaged and designed, or is this merely a ploy to anaesthesize us to the reality that life is a grubby, messy business, prone to entropy?

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