Pictures with Santa?

Our son’s family is driving around today, trying to find the best Santa photo opportunity in the malls.  I know my daughter-in-law will want to carefully give every prospective Santa the “sniff -test”.  No garlic-breathing Santa will be allowed to befoul the air breathed by the “precious one”. Of course, unless the faux-Santa is a ham, and the “precious one” is not exhausted by the many trips into many malls and hence sport a glazed look, the resulting picture will look like any other yearly Santa memento.

Already at four months of age the “PO” is a camera hog.  There are volumes of pictures of her already. I already know that I am open to criticism as a BAD grandparent – I do not yet have a photo shrine devoted to this child. Nor do I carry around sheaves of out-of-focus, or red-eyed photos with which to suddenly beset friends and acquintances.

But, for sure, one of my Christmas presents will probably be a picture of the “precious one” looking confused on the lap of some poor old man dressed as Santa.  I just hope the unfortunate blighter took a nip of his flask on one of his many breaks.  THAT is why Santas always have a red nose!

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