A powerful wind! Fall windstorms…

The clouds scud by as in a fast-motion video, dark, disturbed, disturbing south to north movement. I scurry around checking for candles, flashlight, oil lamps and lamp-oil.  All are in place, ready to hand.  I pour water into pots, buckets, check for comestibles that don’t require heat, make sure the fireplace is ready to fire up.  Darkness at noon, trees across the street madly buffeted, the electricity flickers.  If the power goes out, how long will it be before the magic workers reinstate it?  I realize how much at the mercy of elements life is, despite all our efforts to insulate ourselves from natural occurrences with all our technology and comforts.  I realize just how much suburban life is merely an illusion of security and just how easily that security bubble can be burst.  I feel vulnerable!

4 Responses to “A powerful wind! Fall windstorms…”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    That storm caught many by surprise. We’ve always had a stock of candles and matches handy. We also keep flashlights ready with extra batteries. On the porch, we keep old four litre milk jugs filled with water so that we could at least flush the toilet with them, should water be cut off (as in earthquake) or boil, if we still have means of heating. There are a few gaps in our preparedness.We had nothing to heat water on.
    Electricity failed in our district about 1 p.m. Nephew Hugh who earns his living as a computer programmer working from home, was forced to go find a district with power in order to keep going. (He’s got a wonderful work ethic.) I came home about six and the power was still off. Hugh was back by then and we drove to a restaurant in a “have power” district, ate and then came back home, armed with a tall cup of coffee each.
    We sat in the living room, our gas fire place still operative, and did a crossword together. First I and then he held the torch to read the clues and then fill in the words we had found.
    It made me nostalgic for the days when we, as a family, would play board games and cards together to while away a life wihout television. It was interactive; we talked about our day and reminisced about our lives. It was a thoroughly pleasant and satisfactory evening. Those were the days; my friend, we thought they’d never end….
    Lights came on at eleven and modern life was restored in all its glory.

  2. bluedragonfly Says:

    What a lovely first blog entry 🙂

  3. tedstrutz Says:

    Always like scudding clouds… and always like to read someone’s first post. 10 years… wow!

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